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Music exploration program

Music exploration program
This program is targeted at children in kindergarten to grade 6. The idea is to expose these children to the use of varied musical instruments, song and dance. We have found that at such a young age children are especially curious and easily identify with a particular musical activity that may inspire their career choice, or become a lifelong hobby. We have a wide range of musical instruments made available though community funding, including a piano, trombone, violin, fiddle, trumpet, guitar, cello, drums, flute, saxophone, and more.
By the time children reach grade 7 they are expected to have selected a musical pursuit they can then undertake more advanced classes on. During the kindergarten to grade 6 period, students undertake 3 hours of musical training every week. From Grade 7 this is reduced to 2 hours, with an option to continue during after school hours.
Art Immersion
This program is devised to allow children explore their artistic abilities in terms of drawing, painting and sculpting. The goal is nurture the creative sides of the children ad allow them to let their imaginations run wild.
As part of the program, each grade is assigned a section of wall along the perimeter fence on which to work on as a mural. At the end of the school year, an award is given to the grade with the best judged mural and the artwork photographed for posterity. The walls are then painted over for a fresh start the following year.

Drama Club
The school drama club is offered as an after school extracurricular activity. Students interested in this performance art are invited to sign up and participate in productions performed at school events. Many of our performers also go on to act at the local performance theatre.

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